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Dip, bornholmer mixture


Fried chicken with vegetables

Fried chicken with vegetables

Lamb chop

Leg of Lamb

Bean salad with garlic tomatoes

Bean salad with garlic tomatoes

Omelette, tomato chips, tomato, egg


Red cabbage salad, potatoes, pork, sauce

Red cabbage salad

apple cake, african blend, apple, almond

Apple pie

Pea Purre, Carrot, Potato, Fish, Scrub

Pea purre

Banana pancake, African mix

Banana pancakes

Date balls, African mix

Date balls

Pumpkin soup, garlic pepper, chili salt

Pumpkin Soup

Potato salad, sweet mustard

Potato salad with cauliflower and cucumber

Chicken pasta, tomato drypesto

Chicken with pasta

Chicken, brocollisalad, garlic salt

Chicken and brocoli salad

Chicken frikadelle, Italian mix

Chicken Meatballs

Salmon, stinging nettle salt


Bread, chili salt, tomato drypesto, garlic salt

Dinnerbread with tomato and salt

chop, chili salt, hot bbq, garlic mustard

Beer marinated chops with potato salad

salted chilli almonds

Salted chilli almonds

Hardboiled eggs with mustard sauce, strong mustard

Hardboiled eggs with mustard sauce

Fried prawns with spaghetti zucchini, italienische mix

Fried prawns with spaghetti zucchini

pickled cucumbers, ramsonsalt

Pickled cucumber

Hind, forest mix

Wildstew of chopped hindmeat with potato-cauliflower mash.

warm potato salad, Italian mix

Warm Potato salad

Bulgur, Turkish Mix, Meatballs, Beef

Bulgur pilau with Turkish meatballs

Carry soup, chicken

Creamy curry soup with chicken

Spicy egglatte, African mix

Spicy Egglatte