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Bornholm spices without additives. African inspired spice.

African Mix

Bornholm-produced drypesto. Pesto without milk products. Make your own basil pesto by adding water and oil. Suitable for tapas and cooking.

Basil Dried Pesto

Bornholm spice

Bornholmer mix

Bornholm salt with burners

Burning Salt

Bornholm mustard with fire brigades and rams.

Nettle- Ramson Mustard

Bornholm chili salt

Chili Salt

Salt grinder with chili salt

Chili Salt

Bornholm mustard with chili. Gluten-free mustard

Chili Mustard

Bornholm pesto without cheese

Chili- Galanga Pesto

Bornholm chipotle without additives.

Chipotle Granulat

Lemon pepper without salt and additives

Lemon Pepper

Bornholm lemon salt

Lemon Salt

Bornholm mustard with estragon

Estragon Mustard

Bornholm habanero salt

Habanero Salt

Bornholm spices without additives


Bornholm garlic salt

Garlic Salt

Salt grinder with garlic salt

Garlic Salt

Bornholm mustard with garlic

Garlic Mustard

Spices without additives

Garlic Granulate

Garlic cloves without salt and additives

Garlic Pepper

Italian inspired spice

Italian Mix

Bornholm Christmas mustard with honey

Christmas Mustard

Croatian-inspired spice

Croatian Mix

Bornholm mustard with liquorice

Liquorice Mustard

Bornholm lime salt

Lime Salt

Herbes de provence inspired spice

Mediterranean Mix

Bornholm enjoyed pesto without cheese

Nut Pesto

Creamed peanut butter without added sugar

Peanut Butter

Creamed peanut butter without added sugar. With real Belgian chocolate.

Peanut Butter with Chocolate

Bornholm mustard with honey and horseradish

Horseradish Mustard

Spice for French cuisine


Bornholm parsley pesto without cheese

Parsley Pesto

Bornholm spices without additives


Bornholm cucumber pesto without cheese

Ramson Pesto

Bornholm cucumber salt

Ramson Salt

Salt grinder with ramson salt

Ramson Salt

Bornholm scallops drypesto

Ramson Drypesto

Dild dressing for buried salmon. Fox sauce.

Dill Mustard

Bornholm red onion salt.

Red Onion Salt

Red wine salt without additives

Red wine Salt

Salt grinder with red wine salt

Red wine Salt

Real smoked paprika without added smoked flavor

Smoked Paprika Granulate

Real smoked salt without added smoked flavor

Smoked Salt

Salt grinder with smoked salt

Smoked Salt

Spice to wild. Bornholm spice with rams, fire brigades and juniper berries.

Forest Mix

Bornholm mustard. Fish mustard that is good for mustard sauce.

Strong Mustard

Bornholm spices without additives.

Sweet BBQ

Bornholm gluten free mustard

Sweet Mustard

Freeze-dried tomato for salad shopping

Tomato Chips

Bornholm pesto without cheese. Dry pesto where you add water and oil yourself.

Tomato Drypesto

Bornholm spices without additives. Turkish tzatziki

Turkish Mix

Bornholm mustard, mustard, Bornholm specialties, Bornholm products

The Best Mustard of the Host

Bornholm mustard

Mustard of the island